Thursday, June 28, 2012


During Tun Razak Era under premiership of Tunku Abdul Rahaman FELDA was a plantation venture as compared to kampung smallholding of feudal era. It was new the  and full of uncertainty.
Now FGV is a vision thus debatetable.........until it prove itself.
Oil Palm Origintes from African wild , In Malaysia it has become industry. FELDA is a communal farm with estate plantation modeling.

Early stage of FELDA establishment was a gamble forming a socialist farm(land distribution to the people) and modeling after capitalist model. Borrowing money for development. It was first marriage between socialism and capitalism. The opposition at that time sloganised LKTP (Malay Version of FELDA- Lembaga Kemajuan Tanah Persekutual) as Lembu Kerajaan Tengah Panas – government cow in the hot sun(in short stupid/slavery) !!! After years finally we now see Tun Razak idea was right. It had transformed unemployed rural youth to estate workers (employed) and land holders as well.Second generation Settlers have found other opporunities outside agricultue ,many in urban/global world( Industrialise and services) land holding will be fragmented as in Kampung days in 1950-1970s... Converting to share is a pratical method rather than the land it self to un economic size. NOW THE DUTY IF TO MAKE IT VIABLE and in the long run growth and profit.
A journey of a thousand miles begin with the first step and you will got across on the bridge successfull with siratulrahim

FGV now is lounched and the price RM5.36 to RM 5.46 -28 Jun 2012.
It is duty everyone involved to make successful and the second generation FELDA settler to hold their shares holding.

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