Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Ladang Jagung di mana kawalan rumpai di buat secara intensif dan berterusan
Penyediaan Tanah yang rapi menjamin kawalan rumpai berterusan

Pertumbuhan Jagung Subur tanpa rumpai merebut baja tanpa rumah bagi musuh dan serangga

"Apa lagi?Amalkanlah di ladang anda,kawalan rumpai sebagai satu program jangka panjang. 

Hapuskan benih rumpai dari membiak

Hapuskan benih rumpai dari membiak

Hapuskan benih rumpai dari membiak
Pertumbuhan Subur tanpa rumpai dan musuh

Partial Solution to Foreign Workers Depedency  : Agriculture Internship Program for High School Students

The government could collaborate with schools and urban farms to start a 12-week paid internship (educational stipend) for students to work on farms. Their efforts on the farm and in the community will inspire other young people and adults to understand and experience the value of healthy food. This innovative program will combine positive youth development with hunger relief, social entrepreneurism, and education.

This concept is based on developed country model.

Each spring, farms can hire students through an application process, and pay them an educational stipend, which could be subsidized by the government. This would keep the process competitive and attract more students to apply for internship. A program of this nature can be very scalable as participation increases.

How it works
  • Hire and pay youth farm interns to plant, maintain, harvest, market and
share a wide range of organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. In addition to this hands-on farming, there could be field trips and participation in team building activities as well as a variety of life and job skills workshops.
  • The farm interns work one day after school for 2 hours and all day on
Saturday. In the summer, they can work full days Tuesday through Saturday. Over the course of the year, interns work together to serve the community, cultivate farming and business skills, learn the value of meaningful work, and discover how to eat and cook in healthy ways.
  • They experience selling at farmers' markets and learn the importance of equal access to healthy foods by distributing food to those in need.
  • Seasoned interns can come back the following year and help mentor new interns.
  • Returning interns are encouraged to educate the community about the value of fresh foods by teaching organic gardening classes at elementary and middle schools, along with community recreation centers. They will give presentations on healthy eating, food access, and sustainable agriculture at conferences and to various community groups.

In short, kids learn to grow, harvest, package, sell, and respect their food. This could create a ripple effect!

This program would certainly help farms to reduce labor costs, increase productivity, and make local produce more accessible to urban communities.

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