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Kedah bordering Southern Thailand has ustic moisture regime with prevailing drought period begining Disember and Ending in Early May. At this period monthly rainfall drop to 50mm a month. During this period traditionally a fallow period in Kedah. However with the building of water reservation Dam in Pedu During Tun Razak Agriculture Revolution Era planting padi twice a year is feasible through irrigation. However in non irrigated rainfed areas short term crops planted a very high risk of water shortage. So develoment of  local ponds and tube well to conserve rainwater for longer period is the strategy being practice.

This important because drought in Thailand as well in northern Kedah creat a shortage of agriculture produce thus higher price during the months of Disember,Janauari and February each year. Mac and April the price is not so high as Thailand having drought period earlier by three months (Sept,Oct,Nov,Dis) are able to produce by Mac. Thus the window of opportunity of TKPM should be making full use off.
So development of Irrigation reservour and tapping of  of ground water has been the key stone to continues production of the farm throught the year. Particularly during good price period from  November to April.

Taping water from the river is also an option through dam and piping system.

By the end of 2010 all the project has been implaced
Ample Water in TKPM it takes Good Agriculture Practice To Creat Sucess

Good Crop but weed control program is still no given full emphasis.  Intensive animal grazing probably  an altenative to  limited funding for chemical control

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